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Started by SingleFemaleLawyer, August 09, 2014, 09:48:12 AM

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I have a lot of these robot parts from MVM taking up space in my backpack, I'd be more than willing to give them to fellow MiTers needing to complete their killstreak weapons. Here is what I got:

11 Reinforced Robot Emotion Detectors
4 Humor Suppression Pumps
11 Robot Taunt Processors
18 Robot KB-808s
36 Robot Money Furnaces
9 Robot Bomb Stabilizers

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Hey SFL, I'd be willing to take some.  I would like:

7 Money Furnaces
3 Taunt Processors
11 KB-808s
1 Emotion Detector

Just to clear things up, are you just giving them away or are you selling them, I'll take them anyway.  I have more Kits that I will complete eventually, but other people can have some.
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I'm just giving them away, I'll send you a trade request for those next time I'm on.
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I need about 87 robot parts.

Any contribution would be helpful.

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