Medic or Spy?

Started by lego_XxashtonxX, October 11, 2015, 02:29:47 PM

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What should I main?

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I'm just kinda not sure which I should main and any input from anyone would be appreciated!
The lego you step on


Why not both? Main Spy and disguise as a friendly Medic.

Or, Why not Zoidberg?

Okay, seriously now: ask yourself where you find yourself in regards to the bulk of your team. If you're with the team most of the time, a talented Medic is always welcome. If you find yourself wandering off more often then not, Spy is definitely the way to go.

Although, in my opinion, if you're going to "main" one single class, it shouldn't be a support class; they're quite narrow and don't have the carry power you may need if push comes to shove. If you go Spy, also practice Scout or Sniper to round out your picking ability; if Medic, play Soldier, Demoman, and Heavy occasionally to learn how to be a better pocket.


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The way I see it, with Medic you'd be able to help your team out through heals and Ubercharges. You can also naturally regenerate lost health over time as Medic, depending on your loadout(s). As Spy, you can eliminate key targets for your team like those enemy Kritzkrieg medics with Ubers ready, annoying Phlog pyros (seriously, who hasn't had to deal with that before? Just me? :P) and Heavies. Different abilities can also be used with combinations of cloaking devices and knives. In my personal opinion, I've found myself in more tight spots as a Spy than Medic. Then again, enemy snipers don't target Spies. My thoughts: go with Medic, there aren't many of those around these days. Just my thoughts, hope I helped.

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